buttonclear (1K)USB MINCE PIE
    Featuring 128MB Solid-State Storage and speedy USB 2.0 Interface (J0K3-128)
    buttonclear (1K)USB MINCE PIE GT
    Crammed with 256MB Solid-State Storage and speedy USB 2.0 Interface (J0K3-256)

    buttonclear (1K)USB MINCE PIE Ultra
    Bursting with 512MB Solid-State Storage and speedy USB 2.0 Interface (J0K3-512)

oneandonly (13K)


The USB Mince Pie is a unique product, guaranteed to put the fun back into Christmas. Its life-sized, highly-detailed, fully accurate plastic case contains a tiny solid-state "memory chip" that can store hundreds** of documents and photos and even music and video.
The USB Mince Pie needs no batteries - it's entirely powered by the magic of USB.
The USB Mince Pie is compatible with a wide range of computers - even if you've got a Mac, the USB Mince Pie's spirit of Christmas will still work - and with no need for extra software. Just plug it in, and enjoy Christmas!
Superfast USB 2.0 interface - no need to worry about your mulled wine going cold while you wait for files to transfer
Do away with cumbersome floppy disks and boring grey memory keys: jazz it up and get festive with the USB Mince Pie!

Just imagine...
At your meeting, you're about to give a presentation. It's 9AM Monday morning, and the people gathered around the table don't look at all enthusiastic. And you stayed up late the previous evening working hard! But it's cold outside and it's nearly Christmas. Everyone would rather be celebrating! What can you do? Will taking out a pile of floppy disks from your bag put a smile on their faces? No! Instead, you take out your USB MINCE PIE. It is one of those incredible magical moments. Suddenly the room is alive and everyone is like a kid again, full of the joy of the season and ready to listen to you.
But it's not just for boring business! Take the USB Mince Pie to friends' houses, show them your digital photos, take your music to another computer and even back-up your favourite files.


GenCorp was originally founded in 1978 by two brothers, both ex-crane fishermen. The company first made its name making firecrackers, bicycles and heavy industrial equipment. In the 1990s, GenCorp rode the IT boom and successfully diversified into computer hardware, suceeding, most notably, with its famous "Slaughterer" range of motherboards. As the 21st century IT market moves towards the lounge and digital media becomes all-pervasive in our lives, GenCorp is uniquely poised to leverage its range of strengths to maximise your enjoyment of technology with its range of lifestyle compatible products, like the USB Mince Pie. GenCorp is a world-wide business with a two million strong work force in China, and European offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Hull, Yorkshire.

** Don't get carried away. It depends upon how much storage you shell out for, obviously.